Saturday, June 6, 2015

Children's Feeding Program

While the Amercano's are over on that 'other' island...(not sure what they are really doing...they 'say' that they are 'ministering')...Sharon and I connected with Jeff and participate in a feeding program amongst the poorest families. It was interesting that some of the kids would not eat everything they were given, but would bag it up to take home to their mother's. We covered the cost on this endeavour and will again next month. I'm not sure though that it was really necessary to actually cook the food...I think if they had just set it out on the ground for a few minutes, nature would have taken care of that for them. Nothing like a serving of 'baked timmy'. Probably a little rich for most people though.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mmmm..spamsilog!'s official. When you can order spamsilog for breakfast, you are seriously in the Philippines. Everyone is still alive at the time of this posting, and the pace of ministry work is accelerating. We could have the chance to soon once again take a shot at abandoning Nate in a remote village high in the mountains. But he's stubborn and ya know, the guy runs faster than you think he can. We miss home at times and ice cream sounds really good. Sharon and I have spent alot of time in the city and we constantly have to sweep the multicab for stray dairy queen wrappers before we go back to shofar and see the team again. Anyway, we're fightin'the good fight over here and trusting you all are doing the same back in cheeseland. Mmmmm.....cheese...