Saturday, December 14, 2013


Sometimes I wonder how God has time for anyone else. Truly it seems that His presence, His glory, and His very activity is so alive and operating in our midst that I am amazed that He finds the wherewithal to manifest Himself to others. And if that side of Him ever could be insufficient, certainly His grace and mercy manifested toward us here at JFB... in our shortcomings and oft outright sinfulness, is so very great that it's a good thing that our God requires no sleep!

It's good to be home. I have spent a lot of time 'out there' this past year. Through it all I have had mountain-top experiences with my Creator, and I have had valley testing's too. And you know...I wouldn't have it any other way. Because most of all, I want to interact with my God. Many folks will claim a desire to 'know Him.' And I do! But more than just knowing Him, I want to keep company with Him! Most of us are apt to try to constantly get God to go with us...go where we are going, and do what we want to do. But I have found the greatest reward...the most powerful presence of God, is to go where HE is going, and do what HE wants to do! Because it is in those places and in those situations that God is at His highest! It is in those venues that His presence is the most real and His miraculous the most keen.

Over the last year...whether it be in the Philippines, India, or Dunn County Wisconsin, God has presented Himself so very real! How He loves us! To allow us to be party to His great works, when He certainly does not need us. It has truly been a great missional year here at Jesus Fellowship. Of always, we have paid for it! The devil get's real mean when He sees humans party to such dealing in the miraculous realm. But as always, I wouldn't have it any other way. For quiet...ease...and "average" means that you are essentially doing nothing and are no threat to anyone. (nor a blessing either!) I "count it all joy" to share in the suffering of Christ...

In the Philippines, our disciples youth camp is reaching maximum attendees, and our school is on the edge of that also. We are 'coming into our own' at Shofar Mission and Learning Center, and a lot of hard-fought battles are paying off. We now are preparing to start sending missionaries over for longer stretches and preparing to hopefully soon staff the mission year round. In East Asia we have financed our 5th church construction start and have built new and powerful relationships for which we will lock arms in ministerial endeavors for years to come. God has clarified His desire to see us there, so there we will stay. Missions giving and missions work has reached an all time high here at JFB, and it is truly good to be on the front lines to see not only the "acts of God" but his "ways" as well! (Ps 103:7)

Thank you for allowing Sharon and I this precious privilege to lead so many of the missions teams and to bask in His bright presence out there on the missions field. I love joining with all of you in this the answering of the great commission call! I am so rich to be able to be a part of this fellowship and to minister with all of you! I don't ever want to want to stop...and I pray we remain always in this forward ministry direction. There will always be those who seek to drag us down to the monotonous lethargy of the safe and the routine of the average religious church experience. But I am enormously proud of all of you ...that you are unwilling to so compromise. For seeing and participating in the "ways of God" are worth the journey...

Pastor Tim and Sharon