Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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MISSIONS AT JFB: what does it take to be a part?

It's been asked by many, and wondered silently by a whole lot more. What does it take to get on that proverbial "bus' to the mission field with a short term team from JFB?

Well, firstly, you need to know it's not getting any easier. We have taken those in the past that have only proven once 'in the field' that they truly had no business being out there. Others have been a 'flash in the pan' and have went on a missions trip only to leave JFB later and apparently left the Christian community shortly after that. So we are 'motivated' by intense care in this area.

By the time a person arrives at the point that he or she is ready to 'step out' into the missions realm, they must have demonstrated a track record of sorts, as missions is more than just regular interaction with Christian community. It is saying "i'm ready to teach and lead...with my lifestyle as well as my words." So herein is a rough list of what we look for here at Jesus Fellowship in a life that is seeking missions opportunities:

1) The candidate needs to have been around JFB for awhile. He or she can't be a newby (1 Tim 3:6) to Christ or this community. The mission field is not the place to "cut your teeth." This is because it is not about you out's about them....and about kingdom. So you have to know and have proven where you stand in Christ and with us...not just in the good times but in the 'heat.'

2) One needs to be a missionary at home first. That means serving intensely in the church and growing in maturity and discipleship, as well as supporting a missionary heart with your prayers and finances. We are not taking you to Shofar until you are invested in Shofar in more than just moral support.

3) We expect the individual to be a full participant in the faith community here. That means fellowship groups and discipleship classes on Sundays. You need to an avid church service attender, a tithing financial supporter of JFB, and a "player" in the service to kingdom, church, and brotherhood. You need to fully back the church and the leadership and not "rubbing elbows" with enemies of God, kingdom, or JFB.

4) We expect you to be firmly a "christ centered" family. It is not just a matter of YOU being firmly planted here at JFB, but you must place faith centered activities as priority with your children as well as yourself. If they are missing church or youth group regularly for worldly activities, then you will need to 'stand down' from missions. After all, what will you teach those in the field? Jesus second? Or maybe third?

5) One must be prepared for the 'front end' investment. It's much more than just a financial burden! It requires a great priority of time for training sessions, and educational prep. Satan too, is coming to beat you up, and God is going to let him do it, because it is a 'get tough or die' scenerio. So you will be stretched and greatly tested long before you ever get on that plane!

6) You must have an 'even keel' personality. You do not have to be a superstar, rather just consistant, other centered, and emotionally mature. In actual practice, that means you deal with others humbly, you are not a 'know-it-all", and you can fall under the authority of the team leader without being a pain. If you are 'brawler' (1 Tim 3:3) then you need to stay home. We don't have the time or the energy to put up with that out there. There is work to be done, and we are there to serve.

So thats it in a nutshell. It's not an exhaustive list, but rather the 'cliff notes.' Right now we have 28 people in training for India or the Philippines over the next year. It is a daunting task to train them, as well as it is to be one of the trained. If you are ready, your future particpation in such a trip will be one of the most incredible experiences in your life, and I will be honored and priviledged to be right there beside you. God is good, and He will blow your mind. But you have to be 'willing' long before you are 'departing.'

Pastor TIM

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


# 1 - You don't get to leave after every service feeling good about yourself. You may even desire repentance.
#2 - You don't get to hear the sermons in the same way that you may be used to. It's frequently verse by verse, and we seldom avoid the "politically incorrect."
#3 - You don't get to be entertained. We don't want to entertain you.
#4 - You don't get to go to church just once a week on Sundays. We're a 'community.' We're together all the time because we like each other.
#5 - You don't get to be 'lost in the crowd.' We tend to have accountability to one another.
#6 - You don't get to hear social commentary. Sermons are Biblical and serious.
#7 - We're not considered "seeker-sensitive." We don't believe in "seekers." Apart from regeneration, they don't exist. (Romans 3:11)
#8 - You're asked to actually apply the teachings to your life. You will not remain the same.
#9 - You're asked to grow up, particpate in kingdom and community, and involve yourself in a picture larger than just you. We actually practice "Jesus First."
#10 - You will expereince conviction of sin with regularity.